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Sellers are eager to maximize their proceeds at closing when selling their home. This can be particularly challenging in tough economic times. Some homeowners are choosing to sell their property independently without the help of a real estate agent. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) transactions can be profitable for sellers who avoid paying a real estate commission or limit the commission to the buyer’s agent but avoid the seller’s side.

Without the assistance of a seller’s agent FSBO sellers and buyers need assistance with contracts, title and closing matters. I am Denver real estate attorney Jay Pansing with more than 30 years of experience representing sellers and buyers in FSBO transactions. I bring structure to FSBO real estate transactions to make sure the seller or buyer (whomever I represent) is protected with regard to all aspects of the transaction. Contact my office or call me at 720-496-4740 to schedule an appointment.

Representing Denver, Colorado Sellers in FSBO Transactions

Selling property can lead to legal and financial implications. Engage an experienced Denver For Sale by Owner lawyer to help protect your legal and financial interests in the sale of your property. When you work with me, you will remain in control of your sale. My job is not to set the price of the sale or pressure you into selling at a certain time of year. Instead, my main priorities are to avoid legal pitfalls and maximize your financial result when you sell your property.

I offer a comprehensive understanding of real estate transactions, which are riddled with extensive paperwork and legal complexities. I will guide you through the complicated process by creating structure to the sale. Initially, I will make sure the contract is set up properly and will then handle other important details, including:

  • Title insurance
  • Purchase agreements
  • Legal compliance with Colorado’s lead paint and other required disclosures
  • Property inspections
  • Transactional paperwork
  • Closings

I am committed to protecting your best interests so you can effectively sell your home independently.

Protecting Buyers’ Interests in FSBO Transactions

Whether you are looking to purchase a single home, townhouse or a condo, this is a large investment. Enlist an experienced real estate attorney to protect you from any legal or financial implications.

At the law office of attorney Jay Pansing, I offer an extensive background representing buyers in FSBO transactions throughout the Denver Metro area. I will review the terms of your contract, making sure proper contingencies are addressed. A key part of my work includes pushing for appropriate inspections to disclose any property damage. I will suggest a clause in the contract providing that, even if the loan is not available at closing, you are entitled to get your earnest money back. I will also make sure the title work is done properly. If requested, I will interface with the lender to review the financing.

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Let me assist you in getting your real estate matter handled in a timely and competent manner. Contact my office today to learn how I can assist with your specific real estate needs. My offices are in Denver and Silverthorne. I charge reasonable fees so that I can help keep your costs to a minimum.