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Addressing Your Zoning And Planning Concerns

At my law firm, James E. Pansing, P.C., I handle zoning and land use issues for landowners, commercial developers, home builders and neighborhood associations. When you want to build on or improve a piece of property, you can come to me for planning, zoning and all other related concerns.

My name is Jay Pansing. As a Denver zoning and planning attorney with more than 40 years of experience in real estate law, I have helped numerous individuals and businesses effectively plan and develop property across the state of Colorado. I have extensive experience representing clients in front of state and local land use boards and other administrative departments. I routinely advocate for my clients at a variety of zoning and planning hearings.

If you have questions or concerns about land use and zoning, call my office at 720-496-4740 or contact me online. I have offices in Denver and Silverthorne.

A Strong, Experienced Advocate

Having devoted my entire practice to real estate law, I am deeply familiar with all aspects of Colorado law regarding zoning and development. I represent clients in all phases of a development project, including:

  • The formulation of a development strategy
  • Compliance with state and local zoning ordinances
  • Rezoning requests, if necessary
  • Variances and special use permits

All zoning authorities adopt what are known as “master plans.” These plans identify the types of future development that are intended for certain areas. These plans can affect existing property owners. For example, if you own property that you wish to develop for commercial use but the master plan designates that land for residential use, what are your options? If you face this issue, I can help you analyze your choices and assist you in obtaining the entitlements necessary to complete your development.

Contact A Colorado Land Use Lawyer

If you have questions or concerns about zoning issues or development planning, I am here to answer them. I offer seasoned legal advice at reasonable, cost-effective rates. Call 720-496-4740 or contact me online.