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Confusion over easements can cause cordial relationships in neighborhoods to end over bitter property disputes. Land use concerns often involve practical elements and personal issues. If you are caught in a dispute over an easement, retain an experienced Denver land easement attorney to sort out the complicated boundary dispute issues.

I am real estate attorney Jay Pansing, and I have more than 40 years of experience advocating for clients facing residential and commercial property disputes. I understand that boundary disputes can be very emotional. I offer strong advocacy tempered with sound judgment focused on protecting my clients’ best interests. Contact my office using my online contact form or call me at 720-496-4740 to schedule an appointment.

Resolving Easement Disputes In The Denver Metro Area And Eagle And Summit Counties

Easements are designed to allow one person to use another person’s property for a designated purpose. The circumstances leading to easement disputes can vary greatly. In some situations, property owners purchase land without knowing that an easement exists. Boundary disputes can also occur if the surveyor made an error when determining the property lines. I offer an extensive background in handling property disputes over different types of easements, including:

  • Shared driveways
  • Shared fences
  • Shared walkways to mailboxes
  • Utility access on private property
  • Emergency vehicle access roads on private property

Whether you are looking to use an easement over another person’s property or need help preventing the use of an easement over your property, I can help. My understanding of state and federal easement laws will help me effectively protect your best interests.

I will act quickly to conduct a detailed easement analysis to understand the circumstances involved in the dispute. When appropriate, I am available to consult with city planners and surveyors. My goal is to provide an early resolution through effective negotiations. I am prepared to aggressively protect your best interests through mediation or trial as a last resort.

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